Menthol & Derivatives

We at Innova Global (India), a leading organization, engaged in manufacturing and offering a superior quality range of menthol & derivatives. Natural Menthol is an organic compound that is obtained from peppermint or mint oil. Menthol finds its application in various industries in India ranging from Perfumery, Cigarettes, Liquors, chewing gum and number of pharmaceutical formulations. Owing to the wide demand of natural menthol the demand for menthol exceeds the supply. Natural menthol is obtained in the following forms such Mentha oil, Menthol Crystals and Menthol Powder.

India has leadership position in the production of mentha arvensis herb crop and its downstream aromatic chemicals, contributing to over 80% of the world’s need. Mentha arvensis was introduced in India about 50 years ago; and was massed produced previously in Japan, Brazil and China.

Price fluctuations and order execution are key challenges for Menthol business in India. Working with a reliable supplier that adherers to quality requirements is not enough, one also has to be assured that there will be no defaults in execution of contracts/orders.

Our long association with owners of reputed Menthol companies has been key in helping customer develop reliable supply chain agreements forNatural Menthol & its derivatives. Providing periodic market reports on harvest, production & supply of Mentha oil has proved beneficial to our customer procurement strategy planning.

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